We help you start and grow your business and plan for the future


At Banyan Legal Counsel, we are invested in our clients' long-term success. From individuals and startups to nonprofits and multinational corporations, we help our clients lay the foundation for their business, build successful business relationships, comply with changing employment laws, develop strategies to optimize their business, resolve problems and disputes, and reduce the risk for future legal exposure.


Create a happy, productive workplace


You may be asking: Can I hire someone as an independent contractor? What can I ask during an interview? How do I know if I'm paying my employees fairly and equitably? Can I include a non-compete provision in my employment agreements? How do I administer paid family leave?


We help employers design policies and procedures that reflect their company's culture and values and draft contracts and policies that govern the employment relationship and protect the business's valuable assets and information, including:


  • hiring and background check policies

  • offer letters and other employment agreements

  • compensation, bonus, and commission plans

  • confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements

  • non-compete and non-solicitation agreements

  • employee policies and handbooks

  • termination and severance agreements

  • independent contractor agreements


But we don't just stop there. We support CEOs and HR departments as outside general counsel and help our clients keep up with ever-changing employment laws.

Resolve a legal problem or dispute


Legal issues can get out of control if not handled promptly. As experienced litigators and purposeful, creative problem solvers, we are there for our clients when unexpected problems arise. We have the experience and determination to help business owners work through their toughest challenges:


  • investigate workplace complaints or conduct a pay equity audit

  • enforce employment agreements, including confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements

  • respond to or send demand letters and cease and desist letters when there is a breach of contract or other disagreement

  • respond to agency audits and investigations from:

    • Equal Employment Opportunity Commission‚Äč

    • Department of Labor

    • Internal Revenue Service

    • Washington Department of Labor and Industries, Employment Security Department, and Human Rights Commission

    • Seattle Office of Labor Standards and Office of Civil Rights

    • California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement

  • file theft of trade secrets and non-compete lawsuits

  • defend wage and hour disputes, discrimination claims, and wrongful termination actions filed by employees

Start a new business


You may be asking: Should I start a corporation or an LLC? What is an S Corp? What kinds of business licenses do I need? What happens if my business partner and I disagree or one of us wants to leave the company later on?


We help first-time entrepreneurs and seasoned business owners:


  • choose the right entity type

  • think through the terms of their business partnership agreement

  • file the required paperwork with the Secretary of State

  • apply for business licenses (including liquor licenses and other specialty trade licenses), tax IDs, and employer accounts

  • serve as the business's registered agent

  • set up payroll and draft new hire agreements

  • put together contracts for customers, vendors, and other third parties

Grow your business


You may be asking: Where can I get a business loan? What should I know before buying another business? How do I expand my business into or hire people in another state?


We help business owners expand their operations, grow their workforce, obtain financing, and navigate changes in ownership by helping them:


  • put together a business plan

  • obtain a small business or real estate loan

  • work with manufacturers and distributors

  • buy or sell a business and its assets

  • register the company to do business in California and employ people in California