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What Types of Businesses Do You Work With?

Our clients range from sole proprietors to multinational companies with several hundred employees in the United States. They are located as near as down the street or as far away as China, Malaysia, and London. Our clients are involved in a wide array of industries and businesses including:

  • technology companies

  • law firms

  • accounting firms

  • construction companies

  • beauty salons

  • restaurants

  • business consultants

  • marketing agencies

  • accounting firms

  • healthcare providers

  • retail stores

  • wellness providers

  • cafés

  • educational institutions

  • real estate businesses

  • engineering firms

  • medical device companies

  • staffing agencies

  • fitness studios

  • bars

  • nonprofit organizations

Do You Offer a Free Consultation?

We charge $200 for a 60-minute initial consultation. The purpose of the consultation is for us to learn about you and your particular legal needs, answer your initial questions to the best of our ability, identify your options and help you determine your course of action, and decide what our next steps will be.


We understand the financial constraints that startups, business owners, and individuals face. However, our experience has shown that our clients have to be invested in the relationship with us or they tend not to value or follow our advice or they may not be ready for legal services. We provide limited pro bono services to qualifying nonprofit organizations and microenterprises through Communities Rise (formerly called Wayfind).

What Do You Charge for Your Services?

Different legal matters call for different kinds of fee arrangements. For example, straightforward LLC formations and certain standard contracts may be undertaken on a fixed fee basis, but drafting a highly specialized sales contract, negotiating an executive employment agreement, or representing a party in arbitration or state or federal court litigation would require billing on a time basis.

Do I Have to Come to Your Office to Meet With an Attorney?

We are currently conducting all meetings and consultations virtually.

While we prefer to meet with our clients in person at least once, we have handled matters from start to finish without ever meeting a client face to face. We can conduct the initial consultation over the phone, email our engagement agreement for electronic signature, send contract drafts via secure file sharing, and complete the entire matter virtually. Or, we can meet in person at our offices or yours.

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