We are passionate about engaging with our local communities


We know many business owners get into trouble because they or the people they do business with don't understand their legal rights or obligations. We want our clients, the small business community, women, and people of color to be empowered to succeed because they know their legal rights. Below are some examples of our activities and partner organizations. We hope you will check them out as well.


    Community outreach and education


    Our attorneys and staff devote time to:


    • speaking with and leading educational seminars for government regulators, stakeholders, and community members about issues affecting women and minority business owners and nonprofits;

    • building relationships with other professional service providers such as CPAs and accountants, lenders, brokers, tax and financial advisors, and other attorneys to help expand our clients' networks; and

    • volunteering our time in the community to assist nonprofits and microenterprises with their legal issues, promote environmental justice, and support human rights.

    Communities Rise (formerly Wayfind and the Nonprofit Assistance Center)


    Communities Rise works with nonprofits and microenterprises in communities impacted by systemic oppression to increase capacity and build power through peer learning, coaching, legal services, and trainings. To learn more about their pro bono legal assistance program and other services, please visit their website at communities-rise.org.

    Future For Us


    Future For Us is an organization committed to advancing womxn of color (WOC) in the workplace. Through career, culture, and community development programs, their Seattle-based platform aims to address equity and pay issues for womxn of color, giving them tools to succeed in business, government, community organizations, and other arenas. You can contribute to their crowdfunding campaign here.