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Linda Fang




In 2015, after 10 years of practicing law by other people's rules, Linda started Banyan Legal Counsel with a mission to do things her own way. Although she never thought she wanted to start her own firm, she saw that others like her - middle-class children of immigrants - were largely sidelined in the business world and left out of the legal marketplace. BLC was born from the belief that women and minority business owners can overcome systemic barriers and achieve their highest level of success through access to high-quality, affordable, client-focused legal services and support networks.


As a small business owner, Linda loves supporting and helping to provide peace of mind to other business owners. Having spent the first eight years of her legal career as an employment litigator in California, she understands how costly and detrimental legal disputes can be for businesses and uses her experience to help business owners minimize legal risk and stay out of trouble. Her favorite part of her work with business owners is creative problem-solving and using the law to help her clients accomplish their goals. Linda is licensed to practice law in Washington and California.


In 2016, Linda wrote an article for NWLawyer Magazine about what it's like to be a woman in law and why she believes so strongly in mentoring other women attorneys and helping women redefine what success means to them.


  • B.A., Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, 2000

  • J.D., University of Illinois College of Law, 2005



  • California, 2005

  • Washington, 2014



  • Selected for Washington Rising Stars 2020

  • Communities Rise (formerly Wayfind), Volunteer Attorney (2015-present)

Linda Fang, Seattle business and employment attorney




Sydney joined the Banyan team in 2022. Although she is new to the legal field, she is no stranger to working in a high-stress, fast-paced office environment. Sydney handles general office administration, client intake, and business registrations, as well as scheduling, keeping track of deadlines, data organization, and providing support for the entire team. She loves challenges, working with people, and using her highly organized nature to bring projects to completion.


Sydney is scheduled to graduate from University of Cincinnati in 2023 with a Bachelor of Science in Law and Paralegal Studies and a minor in Psychology. Sydney is considering law school in the future, and in the meantime she is excited to support our clients by helping them build or expand their businesses.


Prior to moving to the Seattle area in 2018 for a heart transplant, Sydney spent her whole life in Alaska. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three dogs, reading, crafting, volunteering, and playing Sims and Dungeons & Dragons!


  • A.A, General Studies, University of Alaska, 2018

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Sydney Carter
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At Banyan Legal Counsel, our philosophy begins with our name. The banyan tree grows and endures for centuries, providing shelter, healing remedies, and a space for gathering in many communities. People from all walks of life come together under its large and verdant canopy to share experiences and stories, and come away with greater knowledge of themselves and their community and the wisdom that comes with truly understanding the different perspectives of the world around them. This powerful symbol of strength and community is what we aspire to at Banyan Legal Counsel.

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